You could pocket a cool thousand with these strategies in three months

You’ve got this. In the next three months, a handful of simple strategies can net you a cool $1,000.

Everyone talks about lattes, as if high-end espresso drinks are responsible for all your financial woes.

In fact, there are so many small ways to derail your finances, and lattes only come in for the loudest criticism. Those lunches out, the occasional muffin, late fees, memberships you don’t use all add up to less cash for vacations, gifts, retirement — whatever you wish you had more money for.

Watch out for lattes in reverse: Instead of spending a regular amount, you fail to take advantage of a benefit. The result is the same: money slipping out of your grasp.

Here are five ways to save money, from inching up on your 401(k) plan savings to writing down absolutely every penny you spend.

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