Twitter is working here—it’s a buy

Twitter Inc.: “No, [don’t sell it]. It’s too inexpensive. There’s really only a couple social media companies that are working. They’re doing a lot with big advertisers. I say buy.”

Deutsche Bank AG: “The stock has come down. I don’t like the stock. There’s a lot of other banks I like. I think they probably needed to raise capital. But, look, there’s just far better bank stocks out there.”

AT&T Inc.: “I wouldn’t buy more. The cash flow is there for the dividend. It really is; I’ve inspected this pretty closely. I think you’re fine, just don’t buy any more of it.”

TJX Companies Inc.: “Winner winner, chicken dinner! I like that stock very much, along with Ross Stores, Burlington, [and] Ollie’s. There. That’s a couple of great ones. And, by the way, Five [Below], which my charitable trust owns.”

Innovative Industrial Properties Inc.: “[Go for] Prologis, if you want [to invest in that space]. This has … a cannabis angle, and people are too excited about it. They’re just too excited about it. Cannabis is exciting, but I like to invest in things that make me money.”

Cara Therapeutics Inc.: “We like Cara. I know it’s kind of been stalled here, but I do like it very much and I am going to stay stick with it. It’s worth it.”

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