‘Take the money and run’ with Mazor Robotics

Mazor Robotics Ltd.: “It’s being bought, so it’s kind of done. I do think that you’re just going to take the money and run. You did a great job with it.”

Take-Two Interactive Software: “OK, Take-Two Interactive got some incredible reviews for ‘Red Dead Redemption [2].’ The stock’s up big. [CEO] Strauss Zelnick may have another huge hit on his hands and we do like the stock.”

Sage Therapeutics Inc.: “That’s [CEO] Jeff Jonas. He’s one of my favorites. I did a couple conferences with him. I think the company’s got some terrific central nervous system disorder drugs. I’m bullish.”

Red Hat Inc.: “I’ll tell you, [CEO] Jim Whitehurst didn’t do ’em any favors. That last quarter, he didn’t really explain it that well. But I’ve got to tell you, I think the next one’s going to be better. I would be a buyer of Red Hat down here, a cloud king. Now, remember, the cloud’s going down tonight because of Amazon and Alphabet. Everybody hates them all over again.”

Donnelley Financial Solutions Inc.: “I gave up on those guys. I did a big piece on how it’s just not coming together for them and I don’t want you to be in it.”

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