Foot Locker’s stock has run too much

Foot Locker Inc.: “I’ve got to tell you, I think Foot Locker’s OK, but it would’ve been a lot better in the $30s. So we think it’s moved a little too much.”

Arista Networks Inc.: “I think that they are very good and [CEO] Jayshree Ullal, whom I would love to have back on the show, is a brilliant manager. But I also like what Chuck Robbins is doing at Cisco and Cisco’s got less volatility.”

SailPoint Technologies Holdings Inc.: “It’s very good. Digital identities. The problem is there are, like, five companies that are in this same ilk and they’re all too high and people could come in and sell them between here and year-end.”

Crown Holdings Inc.: “I think it’s a very inexpensive stock. It does a great job. I like the company.”

Idexx Laboratories Inc.: “They did a good number. I thought the number was good. I’m not backing away one bit from Idexx or the humanization of pets. As a matter of fact, I’ll throw out another one that I really like just in terms of the diagnostics: I like Thermo Fischer. I haven’t been talking about it enough.”

Emerson Electric Co.: “[CEO David] Farr is really good. My charitable trust own it. We’ve got a big meeting next week and I’ve got to tell you, I am going to talk positive about Emerson. Why? Because that quarter was good and it’s a great American industrial.”

Mellanox Technologies Ltd.: “People think it’s going to get taken over, but I can’t recommend stocks on a takeover basis if I don’t like them on the fundamentals.”

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