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Amauche.com is not just another Educational and Career blog; As a matter of fact, it is borne out of hunger to make a lasting impart in the life of students in particular and mankind in generally. I Started This Blog As A Passion, With The Vision To Inspire & Empower Young Persons; Helping Them Realise & Maximise their Potentials. The mind is the seat of wisdom in a man. When the mind of anyone is eroded or displaced, then the entire life of such a person is displaced. There are a lot of students and Youth today who are already old in their mind. This blog is a very useful tool to activate your mind and mental process. Topics treated here at amauche.com Include General Online Tutorials, School News, Blogging And SEO, Making Money Online And Offline, Jobs And Scholarships, External And Internal Examinations Guide, Students Lifestyle, Skills Acquisition and Admission Guide.


AMAUCHE OHANWE is the man behind amauche.com He is a Life Invoker, Students Advocate, an Entrepreneur, Transformational Speaker, Web designer, SEO Expert, A blogger from the Future and an Engineer in the making. He inspires and empower young persons, helping them maximize their potentials.