A ton of buy and sell calls from Wall Street. Here are the biggest

The firm also raised its price target from $92 to $95, representing a 25 percent rally from here, on optimism about the sneaker maker’s online sales expansion.

“Q2 an impressive beat but we are more impressed by what’s coming ahead in terms of digital and how it affects Nike’s model…After years of investments and a decade of stable margins, Nike could be at brink of multi-year margin expansion story,” the note stated.

“With management thinking that its target for digital to reach 30% by 2023 is likely low and mentioning that eventually online sales could exceed 50% of its business, we see this as a margin game-changer. Indeed, heavy investments have been made in platforms and data analytics, and we believe that returns are now bound to start being more visible,” added the analyst.

(Separately Nike was downgraded by Baird on concerns about valuation.)

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